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PINE, BIOnocella & Biopell

Bionocella, Biopell and PINE, three brands already registered and approved by ENplus Head Office.
These new brands for pellets are made with Aleppo pine from three of the best forests in the Atlas mountain ranges.
The ultra-reduction of dust traces thanks to the integration into the process of additional sieving systems, the brilliance of their light caramel color as well as their high hardness and very low proportion of ash, offer to Bionocella, Biopell and PINE pellets a special opportunity available on order for each European distributor interested in one of these brands.

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Forestia BBQ

As in accordance with our strategy to acquire new market segments, besides our Wood Certified Pellet used for heating (ENplusA1 + Dinplus), we have expanded our product range by adding to our offer our new product tested for pellet barbecues & for conventional BBQ-smokers.
Our BBQ pellets come from a subtle refined blend of Aleppo pine wood and wild rosemary, without additives or adhesives, 100% natural and phytosanitary. The use tested has demonstrated a calorific value > 5.4 KWH / KG and above all an impressive flavour impregnated with grilled meats and fish. For its distribution, we made 7 kg bags under the brand "Forestia BBQ".

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